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JULY 2014



Did you know that sometimes the sea does smile,

Even when blackened is its belly and pitiful is its swallow.

They say evil is her mile and beauty’s all below -

And glory surges - for all this current makes man lament

The woman who made him pure:

All cleansed hereafter;

all washed up at the shore. She

Sinks all men,

And sinks all women,

Our children and the animals

- Our animals, and

Thinks us damned, damned us all!

Us poor children, us animals?


But did you know that sometimes the sea does smile,

And we stand shallow staring at depths; her smile...

And whether its her sand we touch,

Or just an indication of much; a hesitation of the senses

(See what we do clutch),

We need to go deep, or at least drown all surfaces…

But what does surface?

But what does surface?

Only soon untangled knots, one can guess:

But our knots, once not, now through -

No place is.


Does it all go

What hides by beds

What grows in schools

Hail our demands!

Let reign our rules!

(And pierce the sky and with it us fools)

Take shelter, yes take shelter perhaps, for

Perhaps depths are what depths are,

And the sea? Its blue, blue

(Black, white), and grey,

And yes it may see,

What your eyes will say,

But whatever that is,

You and the sea are it:

And it spoils, and it caresses, and

There are desperate wishes,

Tears, hurts, one day kisses…

No: I silence myself with this correction:

In the sea we see no reflection.


Yes, learned poet, yes learned world,

But did you know, that sometimes,

The sea…it does smile!

And laugh she does!

And cry she must,

For to smile at her world is just -


Sometimes I cannot swim. I am currently sailing to you

Through pouring words with their black and white

Appalling worlds, worlds we word and dress like cloaks,

That fall like rain and leave like jokes;

And all this we make to become submerged,

To think and smile, to tell and surge

To an ocean we disguise and dress in memory,

Whose only task is to act like the Sea.

- Act surprised and act it well:

What passes through water,

Will shore always tell.



Now my song with waves must go,

Back to a smile the smiler does not know...