I: A New Career In A New Town

II: Dream Life

III: Paintings As Prayers

IV: Late Summer Evening


Rose Crowned Evenings

Moments Of Pure Ashtray

The Personalised Circus

Berlin Undressing

Blind Children On Western Streets

Lucifer Says He Won't See Me


Absentee Note


Christmas Curtains



Swans On The Surface

Girl Smoking On Balcony

Stained Glass Window

Terrible Vision

The Insurance Was WILD

The Sea's Smile

Van Gogh's Lights

The Disappointed Prince


Tectonic Plates

Turkish Pizza

Cuddle Parties

A Night At The Circus

The Catch

Chekhov In Kreuzberg

A Stolen Dress

Two Contract Killers Get Arrested

My Uncle Dick

Death In The Cafe

Performing To The Curtain

Getting Past The Curtain


La Traviata

Babylon Berlin

Living With Samuel Beckett:

An Anti Essay





MAY 2014

The insurance was WILD. WILD.

Wild West out here pal make sure you’ve packed your pencil case - take it and use it but when it gets lost in the desert well then...wahey! you’ve lost it what was that a memory or the future my future wife ah I pity you especially with the rain pouring down and me letting you down being stuck in a Connecticut Airport rowing with stuardesses (how did it come to this? How could you do this to me?) let the rain pour, let it come and run and come

you see me that was easy but it weren’t for free the scars are there for no one to see and don’t ever let me tell you about the desert and the rain again - brings a tear to me eye


anyway I’m alright I’ve been working in a zoo, Australia, laying low from Undercover doctors and mistakenly befriending racists and bigots, falling asleep at previous scenes of crimes, and I’ve also picked up this habbit of arriving late at menage a trois’ - the girls by then are more interested in themselves than me so I end up watching paperview huge billion people are watching sports matches on a fake and stolen plasma screen t.v overlooking Las Vegas river

I love doing this just messing around and having fun cooking up some real juicy words - words man. words. I now must leave and cook some lunch - I hope you enjoy that rainforest trip you’ve been banging on about - research, you said! Ha, you could have fooled me !